Group of Companies

Surveys & Claims                                                                                      

Prepurchase  Surveys.

On behalf of prospective Buyers, uppon relevant appointment, with scope to ascertain the  condition of the named ship, Superficial Survey is carried out. Then written Report accompanied by photos is submitted.                                           

Besides,with receiveness of relevant nomination, Class Records Inspection is exercised and corresponding Report is submitted.


Technical Supports in claims for Damages 

Usually, superiority is created by the party which first attending the field of damages.

 On behalf of our clients, we are prepared to:

  •  Approach the field of damages soonest possible.
  • Investigate and reveal evidences of cause.
  • Keeping informed the Owners’ side.
  • Cooperate with Class, Salvage and P+I Surveyors.
  •  Prepare Report.


Condition Surveys

Inspection with scope to ascertain the condition of the named ship or her part, at any stage of her trading.


 Attendance of: Repairs / Conversion / Modification.

Unscheduled Engineering work supervised by  our experts, on behalf of owners, enable them to reduce actual cost, keeping also their plan of maintenance uninterrupted. 

Cost Estimation.
On behalf of our customers we commence estimation, taken under consideration:
  • Actual measurements of work done.
  • Quality of the executed work, in practice.
  • Compliance  with applying  Regulations.
  • Time of execution.

Our final Report contains points of argument, enable allegation in the way of avoiding cost’s exaggeration.


Technical Specification  

Prior of  Special or Intermediate Class Survey, upon request Techn. Spec. is prepared by taken under considaration : 


  • USM
  • Ship's condition & her age.
  • Regulations (Class, e.t.c.)